Monday, February 13, 2012

Most Expensive Painting in the World

Recent update from www., no. 1 most expensive painting in the world: "The Card Players" by Paul Cézanne, was sold in 2011 for $250 million... :D
If I have done my zeros correctly (my calcuator can only take up to six zeros and there are seven zeros in $250 million, so I have to do mental math) that would be about 10 million fuzzy bears I have to make, and if I set my goal to do10 a month, that would be 120 per year divide into 10 million (I used my calculator at this point), comes to 83,333.33 years divide by 83 (age span) equals 1,004.016 life time I have to reincarnate so I can make my fuzzy bears to achieve $250 million (perhaps I have started this journey many past lives ago already).... >_<
Correction on my math, I needed to divide 83,333.33 by 40 (not 83, 83 would meant I have to start working as soon as I was born) workable age span, equals 2,083.3332 life time... double >_<

BBC - the World's Most expensive Paintings, very informative of why paintings are worth as they are.

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