Friday, September 30, 2011

a fun short crafty story

Here is a fun short story I came across when was I working on my rag dolly research:

A couple whom had been married for over 60 years, they share everything and kept no secrets from each other, expect for one....
One day, the wife became ill and went to the hospital.
The doctor pronounced her term.
Husband went back home and started clearing some of his wife belongings and came across a pretty shoe box on top of their closet.
As he opened the box, he discovered two crochted dolls and a stash of cash.
Bewildered, the husband brought the box to his wife's bedside.
The wife started to explain, ”When we were first married, my grandmother had told me that the secret in keeping a happy marriage is to not get into arguments. She told me no matter what, if I ever should get upside, I should keep calm and crochet a doll instead.”
The husband heard her story and was overjoyed, since there were only two dolls inside the pretty shoe box, that would meant after all these years, his wife was only mad at him twice.
He then asked her about the cash.
The wife replied, “Oh, those are the monies I made from selling my crochet dolls……”

Happy Crafting.... :D

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my Etsy petiteElephants

no. 23 Opal

no. 22

no. 21 Opal
no. 20 Opal

no. 19 KnitCol by Adrefil (sold @ )

 no. 18 KnitCol by Adrefil (sold @

no. 17 Opal (sold @

no. 16 Red Heart Heart and Sole with Aloe (sold @

no. 15 KnitPicks Stroll Hand Painted (sold @

no. 14 KnitPicks Chroma Fingering (sold @

no. 13 Opal (sold @

11/25/2011 Holiday edition
no. 12 Austermann Step with Aloe Vera (sold)

11/25/2011 Holiday edition
no. 11 Regia (sold)

No. 10 KnitCol by Adrefil (sold)

No. 9 Opal Sock Yarn (sold)

No. 8 Misti Alpaca (sold)

No. 7 Fortissima Color (sold)

No. 6 Regia (sold)

No. 5 Regia (sold)

No. 4 Regia Sock Yarn (sold)

No. 3 Regia Sock Yarn (sold)

No. 2 Paton Stretch Sock Yarn (sold)

No. 1 Regia Sock Yarn (sold)

amigurumi petite Elephants

Our East Bay weather has been fairly warm (hot to be exact) for the past few weeks, it was too hot to work on any type of project, now the temperature has gone down a bit, I was able to get back to amiguruming.

Adding to my sock yarn petiteElephants, here are my newest creations:
no. 8 (green/puple/navy) was crocheted from Misti Alpaca
no. 9 (cream/baby blue) was crocheted from Opal
no. 10 (pink/blue/purple) was crocheted from KnitCol by Adrifil

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Draw A Stickman

OMGosh, this is so much fun,
follow the message, you will be surprised
I giggled all the way through... :D
Happy Sunday

(click on the photo to go to the link, use your mouse for drawing,
works just fine, doesn't have to be perfect, )