Monday, September 29, 2014

illegal use of my ( gurumiOrama ) patterns

I just wanted to reiterate that I have not ever authorize nor have ever given consent to any one individual nor shops nor companies for re-distribution of my gurumiOrama patterns. Recently, I was, again, made aware of my (gurumiorama) patterns being stolen for pattern sharing, I have always known that a few of my patterns are floating around on these sharing sites, and unless you are a big corporation like Disney, a little shop like me is impossible to remove these pirate copies.

I am just at awe that for such a small shop like myself, how my patterns can be this populated (is there a security breach somewhere of my digital downloads??).

I should die happy since my gurumiOrama patterns have made mark on this earth for being favorites internationally. But, now, it is way out of control, all I can do is shake my head and bite my tongue, these foreign websites are translating some of my patterns into their language and selling the patterns as their own, and they have even gone as far as selling (my patterns) as crocheting kits, I must have signed some kind of deal in my dreams ....

Of course these foreign shopping sites respect all intellectual property rights and of course they allow you to file DMCA / copyright / intellectual property claims through their platforms, and of course for a small individual personal shop you have to provide a copy of your passport or id to prove that you are the authentic rightful intellectual property copyright owner...... what... wait a minute... you want me to do what, a copy of my id or passport, seriously???!!!??? no thank you, I think I will pass on that one....

the only recourse for my little shop is to file image rights with Google, and that is very dismal.

better yet, I can start water mark my photos like this so I can prove that this item / image is the property of gurumiOrama, but then how do I prove that I am me and I own this item / image ?? hmmmmm ....

.... oh well... I have done all I can for now, life is too short to get hang on this issue.... back to work on more fuzzy bears... :D

just a side note, these shopping site are a subsidiary of a newly (gigantic) foreign IPO company that just went public, which supposedly signed a international copyright / piracy / intellectual property protection treaty, and the big CEO even announced (on the day of their IPO vedio: 9:43 ) that they are solving headache problems of the world: copyright / piracy / intellectual property  .... really.... I think this is all but a show so this (gigantic) foreign company can go public.

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