Monday, March 26, 2012

photo prop - doll House

Over the weekend I finished a small doll house to be use as photo props for my fuzzy bears. I had contemplated to built a room box, but the cost is just too much, a single piece of base wood would be as much as the doll house kit with almost the same quality if not lower grade of chip wood, and the kit has everything pre-cut so I did't need to get additional tools. 

I had left the back and top open, add wood stick panel to the interior and white painted all walls except the floor. I then prep one side wall of the the house, along with the second floor, as separate pieces so they can be move around, and for ease of storage. The little chairs are made from scraps, not bad for a simple kit......

Here is the final set up, so much easier to use (and with clearer photos, less editing required) then using the light tent, which for some reason I can never get any clean/crisp shots. I will fine tone the doll house as we go, but for now, I am very happy with the doll house (and I  know my bears are happy too). Incidentally, sweet pink fuzzy bear has gone to a good home.... :D

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