Friday, May 6, 2011


In 2009, I was contacted by a customer to work on a small lion pendant for her daughter. Her young daughter had been ill and was going through treatment, in all this time, her daughter had a plush "guardian lion" that she carried around since child; but during a vacation trip, the "guardian lion" disappeared, her daughter was in disarray. She sent me photos, we messaged back and forth, and we ended up custom made the lion pendant with wings to show her daughter that her "guardian lion" had gone to help other boys and girls whom needed courage to go through what she was going through.

Since I was moved by her story, I asked for permission to make a pattern out of the winged lion and name it "Dalenna - Angel of Courage". Dalenna is part of the young girl's name, lion for its courage and wings are for angel/guardianship.

Hence, Dalenna - Angel of Courage, AngelLion amigurumi pattern came to be......It is a story of a little girl and her guardian lion name Dalenna. One day Dalenna said to her master: "I must go now to help other little girls and boys. You must be brave to go forward and not be sad for what you have lost, for I am always in your heart......"

Come to think of it, don't we all need a little bit of courage once in a while??

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